Why Us

Does the following describe your business?


Finding vetted manufacturers you can trust takes months, and is mainly through online searches & “word of mouth”.

Ensuring you make the right decisions as you scale from prototype to production is chaotic, with no central source of truth that automatically gets updated.

Maintaining long-term supplier competitiveness is a top priority. You want to ensure you have the right manufacturer for each project.


Your shop is looking to gain access to exclusive projects and companies building frontier technology.

Having an easy workflow that can be integrated into your existing processes is very important as you manage customer engagements across multiple projects.

Maintaining long-term competitiveness on high value jobs is a top priority. You aren't interested in having a bidding war for the lowest cost.


“Partsimony is critical for us at this early stage of our business; the service allows us to spend more time focusing on design improvements than on searching and communicating back and forth with prospective vendors. The quality of all the parts Partsimony delivers exceeds all my expectations, which helps me rest easy knowing that when I order parts they will arrive exactly how and when I expect them to.”

--Mike Charpin, Boston Biomotion

How Partsimony helps

Partsimony is at the intersection of prototyping, sourcing, and supply chain management.

We are changing the way growing hardware companies collaborate with their existing manufacturer network, and discover new vetted manufacturers.

Partsimony is building the future cognitive supply chain.

3D Printing/ Additive

Machining & Fabrication

Injection Molding