For hardware organizations dealing with the chaos of managing a distributed manufacturer network, Partsimony is building a cognitive manufacturing supply chain that leverages transactional data to provide deep insights around Manufacturer Discovery, Design Intent, and Supply Chain Resilience.

Unlike other products that mainly provide a general approach to supply chain procurement, Partsimony is laser-focused on complex hardware products and leverages domain expertise to deliver more strategic outcomes.

Partsimony is building the future cognitive manufacturing supply chain.

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Collaborate more effectively with your existing manufacturer network across multiple projects.

Find quality, reliable manufacturers with proven track records.

Receive valuable feedback from manufacturers based on your product’s “design intent”.

Easily re-order components from your favorite manufacturers and scale to production.

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Collaborate more effectively with your existing customer network across multiple projects.

Gain access to exclusive projects and companies building frontier technology.

Easily update the status of orders to communicate to your customers.

Easily manage payment terms across numerous customers with automated billing.

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